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Microtran Part Numbers
Below you will find a list of  Microtran  part numbers. Please browse the list to find the part number you are looking for or use the Part Number / Keyword search box above to enter your part number.
PM17-M PSS5-10 QPL5000-M T5415 T9220
M8022 UM22-F DCM51-PC M6914 PC6705
MT30-M M3485 M5087 M7759 M6631
M3179 QEL100-M MMT33-FB SMT1-H M6849
M9099 M2807 QKM5-M TL1106 M7492
M8132 M7651 M7812 UM3-M M5268
DCM19-PC SM1-FB PSD2-28 PM29-M M9742
PL56-24 QGL100-F M5534 M8050 PF6-20
PSD4-12 M9329 MT26-A M9535 M9020
M9353 PC3632 MT23-AG M9047 PC2728
MMT29-M M7852 M9812 N7157 PC2624
PC6716 M9305 M9856 PFT12-28 PC6914
M9513 3FD-556 M13-M M9414 PC6214
T3220 M6981 M9413 MT11-AG SL3-4000-BB
QIL5-M TSL506 M4439 M7274 M8-PC
M12-PC M9908 W5191 S111-S M4569
M9180 PL30-20 QIL50-M PSS2-120 HM-90
MT35-P M9608 VM14-FPB M6-A MT11-FB
QGL5-M TTC-252 M5624 SL3-4000-B M7285
M3613 M8088 M9178 SL05-85-F M7884
SL05-85-M M9467 M8242 PC6510 M9696
T4113 MT35-PC SL2-475-B M6-PC M5692
MMT12-FB W5217 M7-FB T1104 MMT26-M
M8008 TP3104 PCT6230 M9905 M8089
M9601 PF12-30 M9-FB MMT17-F M9255
MT2-A M8243 M7898 DCM4-PC M7747
PC6708 M7385 PC3628 T9312 3FD-456
MT20-FB PM32-M MMT11-M M5612 M81165
M8223 M9533 M7341 M9163 M3-M
M3527 T4415 QPL10000-M-0 QGL30-F M5151
SL3-470-M M9844 PSD4-36 M8012 PF12-24
PM32-FTC PC6211 S107-S M9256 M8224
TH2104 MMT28-FB SL3-4000-M TM33-H PC6511
M9909 UM31-M VM12-M M14-FB M6092
M9534 M9901 MMT27-FB VM13-M QEL1-M
MMT4-M M2828 M9469 S108-S SL2-225F
M8045 M9271 PSS2-16 DCM2-PC PL56-36
M9346 M6980 M9589 M9899 M5620
SL06-122-B MMT26-FB PCT6530 SL1-1500-B M9692
TH2106 M9911 M9552 M8046 S118-S
M9516 M8041 PSS5-48 M-90 MT33-FB
M6559 M8082 M7243 QKL10000-F TS3114
M7476 M2693 M4812 M9225 QIL25-M
M9046 TTC303-SL M5727 M9396 PC2628
SMT9-FB PSD3-20 7457 MT26-AG PC6911
S100-FR SL3-30F M8201 3FS4-120 PL20-24
M9111 VM15-M M7932 M9879 M9304
T2108 M4-PC PSS5-16 M8096 MT12-FB
HD-15 MT9-PC M7843 PC6205 M5570
M9739 SL1-450-B QEL10-M PF24-12 M9430
PSD2-24 VM10-FPM M6860 M31555 T9311
PC6512 MT1-PC TH5116 M9542 PC6528
PW35-36 M6941 SL06-300-M M3778 M9500
M9613 PC3506 M2750 M5047 M8053
M9918 QGL50-M M8244 TP3106 M3247
M7765 M8202 M9014 M9149 DCM53-PC
QEL25-M M5700 MT26-FB VM10-M PSD-120
M9227 M9303 M9464 M9635 MT33-AG
M9889 SMT16-FB MT15-FB QKM1000-M MMT7-M
PF6-12 3FS2-120 M12-P M5571 PC4416
VM15-FPB UM29-F M7264 M7466 M9816
M8030 M9520 PL2.5-12 MMT10-M M6153
M13-FB PW35-10 MMT29-FB PM31-F MMT26-FPB
PSD4-16 M8-P T2113 M7120 M9614
MT36-S M3499 M8-FB SC1-16800 M15-A
M12-CM M3944 M6950 M8525 M9361
M9463 M9862 QGL250-H M9472 M5037
M9201 MT15-CM PF2.5-10 M5951 SC1-03770
SL2-1800-B PF12-12 PW35-24 T5115 M9013
M6143 VM9-M M5888 DCM10-PC M12-H
M3952 PC3716 QKM10-F SL06-188-F M7041
TL1320 T2220 M8075 M9585 PM38-F
MMT11-H MMT11-FB M8063 PF2.5-16 M8294
PC6624 M9634 MT35-H MMT17-H MET-05
M8073 M9158 M8151 MT36-FB MMT8-M
MT35-A M9192 PSD-10 PF12-20 M5247
M7694 QGL30-M OM15-F M9708 TTC178
MT11-A PF12-56 DCM20-PC M9334 MT35-M
QKL100-M SL06-122-M PCL6630 PM5-M M4665
M6976 M8009 W5313 PL-28-130B M6657
TTC272N HD20 M4745 PL30-10 MMT17-FB
UM35-F M7876 M8091 M6131 M8067
M90 M8749 M6740 MT2-M M7862
M9053 M9825 MT11-H SM3-FB PSD2-48
T4220 M9468 M9410 M9352 M9600
SL2-225-M M9408 HD40-M PC6710 PC2506
M3544 M9161 PC3616 TM8090 M1395
M9080 M9709 QKL10-M VM8-M PM15-F
M9404 M9675 TS3220 M7930 PC4432
PSS2-24 VM11-FPB MMT17-M MT10-FB MT11-PC
QKL1000-M PL2.5-24TF-13 M8222 M9159 PL30-36
MT9-FB M5730 M7045 M7235 M7853
M8-A M9588 PC3728 M8255 VM2-M
M9913 PL20-28 PW35-16 T2106 PW41-36
M9197 MT14-M M9223 M9425 M9616
TM009 M9459 M8065 PC6514 MT36-PC
TP3220 PCT6631 PF12-16 M8296 M9898
MMT11-FPB PF2.5-12 SC1-07900 M4783 QGM1-1M
M14-H M12-FB T5114 M1-M M5902
M4162 M6138 M3947 M7386 T2114
PC4428 VM3-M QKL25-M PSD5-48 SL3-220-M
MMT3-FB MT10-M M9896 PC6930 PM33-M
PM31-M M6816 MT25-PC-01 M8038 M8052
MMT28-H PC2616 M8286 UM21-M M7227
M9052 M9128 M9246 PL30-28 M2771
M4882 M8085 M9081 M9296 M9505
M5607 S111-SP TSL103 PW28-10 PF24-20
M7914 M9741 M7458 M9384 M9537
MT9-M M7298 QIL2500-M S130-S T2104
MT33-A MMT26-H PCT6630 M5780 MM1-FB
SL1-120-M PF6-24 PSD3-120 T9117 PC6524
SL1-220-B M3201 PL5.0-16 M9676 VM11-F
SMT7-FB MT11-M TH5114 M9916 PL20-36
M6656 M8204 M7818 M9418 PSD2-16
MT33-PC M8152 PC6614 PSS3-120 M9494
MMT9-M PSD3-56 M3248 M5834 M9810
QEL5-M SL1-120-B T2112N M9023 M8026
PC6605 MM6-FPB M8288 M9373 M1-S
M1602 M9866 MT14-AG M6899 MMT31-FB
QGM100-M T8410 M5406 M9320 M9753
DCM1-PC SL1-900-BB M9215 UM24-F PW28-16
VM4-FPB PC2716 PF6-34 M9454 MT25-FB
PF2.5-30 TH5117 M9559 DCM9-PC M3992
M7158 QKL50-H PC6732 M9134 SL4-4000-B
M9920 MT8-FB PCT6730 PM36-M M4959
M8055 SMT26-FB M7552 MMT19-M M9664
M8116 QGL100-M PL2.5-10 PFT12-35 MMT33-CM
PC6715 SL06-36-M PC6632 PFT12-24 M15-M
M8021 M9478 M9859 M8122 M9811
M5248 M8133 M9357 M9465 PC2724
UM30-M UM35-M MT22-FB M3667 M9015
PSD4-120 SL6-HF MMT33-H SMT1-FB M6217
M7457 M7582 M9-AG M9332 M9563
T5220 MT24-FB PC6724 M7659 PM19-M
M9143 MT18-FB M9318 M9327 PC3712
SMT12-FB M5276 QPL10000-M M3493 M6927
PSD-28 TL1111 PW48-16 M7764 M5107
M8061 DCM5-PC DCM18-PC UM37-F SM2-FB
M4-A M9139 QGM2-M SC1-00490 PL5.0-20
M9490 M4955 SL3-100-M T6112-FBR M5843
M9556 MT34-A SL3-100F VM10-FPB M8078
M9656 M6248 M4-M M7178 M9217
M9448 TL1104 MT5-FB M9926 MMT21-FB
M7136 QKL250-M M8023 M9022 M1123
M9375 SL4-2200-B T2112 TS1220-M TS1115
M8287 M9639 PSD4-10 PCT6731 PCT6931
3FS5-56 PSD2-10 M9213 PC6608 M6900
M8080 MT33-P PF2.5-24 M7986 PL20-12
M5782 T2110 VM5-FPB M9877 PC4408
QGL10-M M8290 M7935 M2-A QIL100-M
SL06-80-B MT13-H M3412 VM35-M SL1-900-M
T7410 MMT9-FB VM7-FPB DCM7-PC M8058
PM35-M M3396 M6218 M9034 M8291
MT5-H M9142 M9316 M9643 M9876
PC6610 M5256 M7951 PC4316 M7493
M9365 PC2712 QGL10-F QKL500-H SL1-450-M
M9781 QIL10-M M11-A M4-H PC6905
M7781 MT25-A THP220-M M9203 PFL16-700
PSD-36 M8199 MT13-FB PW48-56 T2111
VM1-M MMT21-M MT1-FB M2-FB M5868
M6304 M9438 SC1-01280 SMT19-CM PCT6930
TS1220 M9491 MT33-M M6862 SL3-100-B
M9219 M5036 M8079 M9555 M5489
M7129 MMT1-H SL4-2200-M PM21-M DCM8-PC
M9027 PL2.5-28 M7538 PW54-10 SL4-50-M
M7557 M8056 PM23-M M3328 QTL25-F
UM26-M M5391 M9553 SMT19-FB M5445
M2331 M5-H SMT18-FB VM1-FPB M9131
M9874 MMT30-M UM28-M M4683 MM2-FB
M8104 M9319 M9493 M6877 MT5-A
QGM1-F DCM6-PC PF6-56 PSD2-120 MMT31-M
PC6910 M9806 5256 M7786 M8107
M9321 MT25-AG M-8242 M8198 M9780
MT14-H MMT9-H M6270 M7769 PC2708
UM39-M SL1-120-F PF6-30 PSD3-48 PC4304
M9372 M-8243 M9458 MT25-PC PC6611
QEL50-M T1104M SMT8-H M9112 M8149
M5284 UM39-F M9434 M9582 M9387
MT22-AG QIL3-M M7418 PM11-M M4856
M7-M SL2-475-M PL5.0-12 M9323 M7909
QKL15-M SL1-15-BB M9-A PC6628 G501
MT34-FB PCT6531 SL05-158-M DCM11-PC PC2608
M9473 QGL1000-M M6324 M7832 M9683
MMT19-CM SL1-450-BB M9383 M6861 M9740
MT12-PC PF2.5-20 PC3715 MMT33-M M15-FB
M8062 M9188 MT1-P PSD2-20 M1-FB
TL1114 PFT24-28 PCL6605 T5117 TV105
M5968 M4353 M5386 M8086 M9037
VM90 M8099 PSS5-56 PSS5-120 TSL501
M9056 PC2512 DCM21-PC SL1-30-B M9344
PSS3-56 PM32-F QPL25-M M9278 MMT33-PC
PCL6610 M3077 PC3608 M8015 M9004
MT21-M MT26-M M8120 SL1-30-BB M9343
M9530 SL2-225-B T9320 UM34-M M6668
MMT28-FPB M8094 M9531 MT26-H SM3-M
M7743 QPL25000-M DCM3-PC M9066 M6974
M9818 PC6712 SM6-AF PCL6611 M3114
M9710 M9824 MMT4-FB PC6711 M9470
PF24-56 M8044 MT21-CM PC3512 PC2528
M3525 M5246 M5610 W5339 M5153
SM3-H PSD4-24 M6658 PF6-10 T9317
PSS5-20 TTC290-SL UM32-M QGL250-M M8117
22005 M8043 PSS4-10 M7729 S105-S